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The ritual of forty Minbars in Borujerd dates back to before Islam and at the time when a minbar was placed every 100 steps from the mosque of Borujerd in Jafari Square, which still exists, to Chagha's pyre, and a fire was lit in it to forgive sins and the 40th The pulpit was on the hill of Chagha, and the distance from Chagha to the fire temple, which is 4 kilometers, was lit by 40 fires.

Chehel Membar

Chehel Membar

This ritual, which is held on the day of Tasu’a Hosseini, the women of Khorram Abad, in memory of the captivity of  Zainab , with bare feet and with a niqab on their face, move from Bagh Dukhtar neighborhood and light forty candles in the houses whose doors are open.

The houses where candles are lit are called minbar.

In Iranian Islamic culture, in addition to seven, the number forty has been valid and sacred for a long time in various aspects of the cultural, social and religious life of the Iranian people and has a special place.

In this ritual, which in Khorramabad is also known as “forty pulpit girls”, black-clad and niqab-clad girls with bare feet visit the city’s funeral gatherings and hosseiniyehs in groups from early in the morning, with different intentions and wishes, especially fortune-telling in each meeting. And during the mourning ceremony, they light one candle to visit forty pulpits and light forty candles.

In other parts of Lorestan, including Borujerd, this ritual has a different form, in the ritual of forty pulpits held in Khorramabad, it is performed only by women and young girls, but in Borujerd, it is not only reserved for women and men also participate in it.

In the evening of Tasu’a, many people, especially those who have spent the night before, open the doors of their homes to people and place a large tray at the entrance of the house or yard, and light a candle in it to commemorate the martyrs of Karbala. Drinks and other offerings are served to the guests.

A group of men and women prepare 40 candles, go from house to house barefoot and without talking to anyone, and place their candles in 40 saqaqhanas.

By doing this, while mourning, they also remind their needs and desires and ask for intercession that this ritual is known for forty minbars.

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